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 Social Network Promotion

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Steven K

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PostSubject: Social Network Promotion   Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:35 am


Social network promotion is great way to get lots of members for your website,forum,blog,chat and others..

Here are some ways of doing so.

On facebook,twitter,myspace and others you can send messages to your friends and family the best way is too send a message to every friend, asking to join, if you use forumotion you can go to administration pannel>general>forum promotion>invite friends>social networks it will allow you to send a promotion message to 30 of your friends at a time,which is a much quicker way. This way will get your friends intrested and they may post that they joined your site so then their friends may join!

Groups & Fanpages
Groups and fanpages are a great help, you can have a whole profile just for your site, it can bring loads of members to your websites, you must keep it updated with latest information and contest and say how doing a 20 second registeration can make so much difference. This way is not as effective as asking all your friends but can bring people you don’t know to your site and you can meet new people!

Paid Advertising
Facebook and others offer paid advertising that can attract hoards of people, you pay for the advertisement put an picture for the ad and a description also a title which will appear on the side of the page, this is the most effective way and can attract thousands of visitors but costs as much as google spondered ads. I would still highly recomend this to anyone with the money, as I understand we are in economic crisis at the moment.

Wall/Profile Posts
Another quick easy free way of social network promoting, is to post your sites link and updates regularly on your profile page if you do this all the time, people will decide they might as well have a look and they may register. This way is not very effective but I would highly recomend it as its quick and easy but you should still use the other methods too.

Register & Win
On some social networks like facebook and myspace you can play games and you can play agianst or with each other, so games like mafia wars you can join there mafia and send them gifts and on farmville you can be there neighbour and give them gifts so if you say in a group, if you register to my site, I will join your group and give you _ gifts. This way will work extremely well if the prize is good!

Thanks for reading our social network promotion tips.

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Member(40-49 Posts)
Member(40-49 Posts)

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PostSubject: Re: Social Network Promotion   Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:46 am

Very nice article you have written.
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Member(40-49 Posts)
Member(40-49 Posts)

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PostSubject: Re: Social Network Promotion   Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:15 am

2 much reading.
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PostSubject: Re: Social Network Promotion   

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Social Network Promotion
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