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 Using Forums To Promote 1

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Steven K

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PostSubject: Using Forums To Promote 1   Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:32 am


In this guide I will teach you how you can use forums to promote your site. This is the first one of the series I am hoping to create. This one is the one where I teach you about advertising topics.

What Forums Should I Use?
All forums give a bit of help but you've got to be careful that your not breaking their rules. So you should use promotion forums to start of with and believe me you never run out of promotion forums to advertise on! If it is allowed on some non-promotion forums you can have a text link in your profile or a image link which I will explain later on. You shouldn't use what I call spam promotion forums like this: All they do is supply somewhere to advertise and no one bothers to read your advertisement, they just advertise their site. The only benefit from spam promotion forums is a backlink but it really isn't worth the effort just for one backlink. Instead you should use promotion forums like:

How Should I Set Up My Advertisement?
Making your advertisement catchy is very important! If your forum was a gaming forum you could make the title: The Best Ever Place To Discuss Gaming or something more catchy like: Gamers Must Click! If you want just the site name as the title then you can do but it's likely you will get less views. Now for the content, some forums make you use a template but some don't. For your site description maybe start with a small banner linking to your site then a big text link underneath then first of all supply your catchy phrase. After that you should move on to a detailed description of your site. Once you have done that you should supply the sites full statics and if you think any statics are really good like: 2k posts in a month make it bold and in caps like this: 2K POSTS IN A MONTH. Now you should supply contact details for enquires about your site and if the site has a forum you should tell them what your username on the forum is so they can contact you on your forum. Finally at the very bottom you should make a colourful bold big text link saying something like: Please Join Today. Then your done.

How Do I Keep My Advertisement Alive?
If your site is really popular or people think it is really good they will comment on your advertisement topic but that does not mean you should stop posting. If someone gives a compliment you should always say thank you very much or something like that and if someone gives a suggestion then you should say something like thanks for your suggestion and even if the topic is active don't forgot to keep supplying them with news and updates and a great way to keep getting views is to change the title name so people who didn't want to click the advertisement because it didn't sound good may like the new title so they'll click! If your advertisement isn't active then keep changing the title and bumping your topic(Bumping is explained next). Also when you bump your topic supply statics and catchy phrases.

What Is Bumping?
Bumping is when no one else has replied to your advertisement since your last post and you post again to bring your topic back to the top. Most sites allow bumping but some do not so be sure to read their rules but most sites do have a bumping time limit. Meaning you couldn't bump your topic every minute, they might make you wait 24 hours so read the advertising rules to find out. Some have limits that change depending on how many posts you have and if your very lucky you might find a advertising forum with unlimited bumping meaning you could bump your topic as much as you want without a limit but you don't see many of them. Don't just reply with bump as it is against some sites rules and it doesn't really help. You should make a bump with the latest news and statics then have another big text link at the bottom. Be sure to bump your topic as soon as your allowed to bump again.

Thanks for reading my first guide on using forums to promote and I hope it helped, and I hope you read the rest of them.

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Member(40-49 Posts)
Member(40-49 Posts)

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PostSubject: Re: Using Forums To Promote 1   Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:47 am

Very nice article.
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Member(40-49 Posts)
Member(40-49 Posts)

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PostSubject: Re: Using Forums To Promote 1   Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:18 am

Way to long to read it all.
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PostSubject: Re: Using Forums To Promote 1   

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Using Forums To Promote 1
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